Trolley Bar Table Black Trolley Bar Table Black Trolley Bar Table Black
House Doctor Trolley Bar Table Black £185.00
This beautiful trolley table from House Doctor comes in a simple and stylish design, which makes it suitable for any kind of home. The trolley – or the bar table as it can also be used as – is called Use, and is made of steel with a layer of matte black lacquer. Use can be used as a bedside table in your bedroom, a side table for your arm chair in the living room or as a table for storing goods in your kitchen. Use measures 35 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 75 cm in height. Use is a multifunctional piece of furniture, so you can pretty much use it in any room of your home.
Tray Craft M Tray Craft M Tray Craft M
House Doctor Tray Craft M £24.95
The rustic look and simple shape provide the tray, Craft, from House Doctor with a stylish design. The surface and shades of the material will vary for each copy and therefore, each tray has its own unique and authentic expression. Use Craft to organise kitchen utensils or knick-knacks in the living room. No matter where the tray is placed, it will provide the home decor with plenty of warmth and personality. Note: The finish of this product may vary.
Iced coffee - Cream Caramel Iced coffee - Cream Caramel
House Doctor Iced coffee - Cream Caramel £11.95
A delicious and tasty espresso that is great to use for a cold cup of iced coffee. All you have to do is to add milk and crushed ice, and voila, you have the perfect drink for a hot summer day. Depending on your taste buds and what you are comfortable with, you can add water or chocolate milk instead of milk. Regardless of your choice, we recommend that you enjoy this drink ice cold. This espresso comes with a caramel aroma, which adds a sweet hint to the strong, tasty coffee. The delicious espressos from Nicolas Vahé come in different flavours. Once opened: Consume within 14 days and store in a cool place.
Scented Candle Nordic Pine Scented Candle Nordic Pine Scented Candle Nordic Pine Scented Candle Nordic Pine
House Doctor Scented Candle Nordic Pine £22.95
Create a cosy atmosphere with an elegant scented candle. The Nordic Pine scented candle from Meraki is made of soybean oil, and therefore sows significantly less than a normal candle. Enjoy a wonderful scent with a little bit of edge in the dark glass that fits perfectly into the modern home. The candle has a burning time of 35 hours.
Trolley Table Black Trolley Table Black Trolley Table Black
House Doctor Trolley Table Black £249.95
Small side tables are all the rage in interior decoration at the moment. They are practical and extremely decorative. The stunning Use table from House Doctor embraces this trend as it provides you with a stylish table on four wheels. Use is designed using black steel. Its shape is simple and put together using simple, clean lines. Use the table as a nice cocktail table in your living room or as a storage solution for magazines and books. You can also use it as a beautiful detail in your bathroom for towels and creams. There are so many options.
Ornament Mistletoe Black L Ornament Mistletoe Black L Ornament Mistletoe Black L
House Doctor Ornament Mistletoe Black L £24.95
Your Christmas décor will be light and stylish with this large metal ornament. It resembles a mistletoe branch with the black leaves, adorned with white beads for a nice contrast. Go for an untraditional and modern atmosphere by using Mistletoe instead of a real branch and hang it from the ceiling, hang it on the wall or on the dinner table. The black, white and golden colours are classic and festive – guaranteed to set the right mood for the holidays. This is the larger version of the ornament from House Doctor.
Cup Pion Black/Brown Cup Pion Black/Brown Cup Pion Black/Brown
House Doctor Cup Pion Black/Brown £6.95
Porcelain espresso cup with a handle. For those mornings when you want to kick-start your day with a shot of energy. The dark Pion espresso cup from House Doctor comes with a stunning, reactive glaze that gives the surface an oxidised and one-of-a-kind look. No two cups will look the same. The handle is comfortable to hold, so you avoid the risk of dropping the cup. Use with other elements from the Pion dinner set or mix with other designs for a rustic and laid-back table setting. Due to the matt texture of the glaze, scratches might occur over time as you use your Pion item. This simply adds to the charm and rugged appeal of the design.
Scented Candle Forest Rain (Set of 2) Scented Candle Forest Rain (Set of 2) Scented Candle Forest Rain (Set of 2) Scented Candle Forest Rain (Set of 2)
House Doctor Scented Candle Forest Rain (Set of 2) £27.95
Turn your home into a space filled with serenity. This set of two small scented candles from Meraki is called Forest Rain and comes in transparent glass holders. Enjoy the wonderful scent of Forest Rain in your bathroom, living room or bedroom. The scent is a light and refreshing drizzle of orange, florals, oleander and musk. It is the feeling of walking in the forest after the rain has just fallen. Surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift or pamper yourself with a sensuous scent. Burning time: 22 hours.
Mug Made Ivory/Black Mug Made Ivory/Black
House Doctor Mug Made Ivory/Black £14.00
Treat yourself with a beautiful mug for your favourite drink.  Made from House Doctor, you get an elegant and stylish mug that is made of porcelain, which makes it perfect for hot drinks. The mug has a beautiful, soft ivory colour adding a rustic yet light and elegant look to the home. The mug’s minimalist look is perfect for the modern home, and especially the Nordic-inspired interior design. Dimensions: dia.: 8.5 cm, h.: 8 cm
Trolley Roll Black Trolley Roll Black Trolley Roll Black
House Doctor Trolley Roll Black £169.95
A trolley table is a multifunctional piece of furniture with many practical ways of using it and this trolley from House Doctor is no exception. The stunning trolley is called Roll. It is made of steel with a layer of matte black lacquer, which gives it a stylish appeal. Roll measures 42 cm in length, 38 cm in width and 85 cm in height. With its detachable tray piece, it is the perfect piece of furniture for your kitchen. You can place your morning coffee on the tray and drink it in bed. Roll stands on four wheels, which makes it easy to move around in your home if you ever need to.
Spoons Brass Spoons Brass
House Doctor Spoons Brass £19.95
Are you also finding it difficult to get hold of those last delicious pieces at the very bottom of exceptionally tall glasses? These beautiful brass spoons from Nicolas Vahé are designed to make it all the way to the bottom of those kinds of glasses. So with these, it is a goodbye to dirty and sticky fingers and wasted pieces at the bottom of the glass. This set consists of 2 brass spoons.
Planter Khap Brown M Planter Khap Brown M Planter Khap Brown M Planter Khap Brown M Planter Khap Brown M Planter Khap Brown M
House Doctor Planter Khap Brown M £74.95
Add a sense of calm and warmth with the handmade clay Khap planter from House Doctor. Burnt oranges and earthy tones are all the rage when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere. The subtle detailing of the glaze and the simple shape stresses the soothing effect of the colour. The saucer doubles as a lid if you get the urge to use the planter for storage. Combine it with the other Khap planters in different sizes and use this one on a side table or console where it becomes the focal point. The planter does not have a drainage hole at the bottom. This handmade item has a rustic look and is porous. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that it is completely waterproof. To prevent damage to your surfaces, use a saucer, place the planter on a pad or use an insert.
Bowl Lake Grey Bowl Lake Grey Bowl Lake Grey
House Doctor Bowl Lake Grey £11.95
Set a beautiful and welcoming table with this stunning stoneware bowl. The Lake bowl from House Doctor is food safe, and it is therefore ideal for serving food. The bowl will add a rustic and personal look to any table. The stunning grey colour makes it a simple item that fits into most homes. Combine the bowl with other bowls and plates from the Lake series. The product is dishwasher safe.  Dimensions: dia.: 13.3 cm, h.: 4.2 cm

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