Spoon Grey/White Spoon Grey/White Spoon Grey/White Spoon Grey/White
House Doctor
Spoon Grey/White £6.95
The spoon has a smooth, greyish white glaze with tiny speckles in it for an informal design. Use the spoon to stir your coffee and tea to cool it down, or to make sure you get all the whipped cream when you are done with your hot chocolate. You can combine it with ceramic cups and mugs in similar tones. Either way, let the spoon serve as the small detail that makes the difference.
Spoon Black/Brown Spoon Black/Brown Spoon Black/Brown Spoon Black/Brown
House Doctor
Spoon Black/Brown £6.95
The spoon is made of porcelain and comes with a reactive glaze. During the burning process, a reaction happens in the glaze, hence the name. The result is a dark colour with a bit of shimmer and some depth to it. Use the spoon from House Doctor to scoop up the whipped cream on your hot cocoa or stir your tea to cool it down. You can of course combine the spoon with the other dark cups from House Doctor as well. Due to the matt texture of the glaze, scratches might occur over time as you use your Pion item. This simply adds to the charm and rugged appeal of the design.
RAW Teak Wood Spatula RAW Teak Wood Spatula
RAW Teak Wood Spatula £10.95
The spatula is made from raw and organic teak wood.  All RAW teak products combine soft design with beautiful teak wood of the highest quality. Teak is an extremely robust material, and the hardwood is almost impossible to wear out if treated correctly.
Knife Anthracite/Stone Wash Merci
Knife Anthracite/Stone Wash Merci £9.95
To ensure that nothing is missing from this Nouvelle Table collection, Merci has created ‘cutlery’ in a much smaller size than the traditional models. Four pieces in maple wood and three in hammered metal - spoon, spoon/fork, knife, spreading knife, carving fork, trident, clamp – that pick, spread, slice … to adapt to our new way of eating in a playful way.
Butter Knife Ash Black
Butter Knife Ash Black £9.95
The trays, bowls, boards, coasters, and the butter knife are made of solid ash wood and treated with a matt oil. Their modern finish gives them a timeless look. Thus, they can be used anytime, anywhere. In addition, the colour contrast with the Vincent Van Duysen tableware ensures the perfect finishing touch.
Chopstick, Nature set of 6 Chopstick, Nature set of 6
House Doctor
Chopstick, Nature set of 6 £16.95
These nature set of 6 chopsticks from House Doctor will fit perfectly on your dinner table with an Asian-inspired theme. These chopsticks create a pleasant atmosphere in your home and is a must-have if you want to spoil your guests with a lovely sushi menu. The Nature chopsticks come with some gorgeous detailing thanks to the wood.
the emeralds: Ceramic Spoon Textured Green (set of 4) the emeralds: Ceramic Spoon Textured Green (set of 4) the emeralds: Ceramic Spoon Textured Green (set of 4) the emeralds: Ceramic Spoon Textured Green (set of 4) the emeralds: Ceramic Spoon Textured Green (set of 4) the emeralds: Ceramic Spoon Textured Green (set of 4)
the emeralds: Ceramic Spoon Textured Green (set of 4) £29.95
the emeralds: ceramic spoon textured, green (set of 4) Add unique reflections of green in a playful dance of light with HK Living's brand new Emeralds Collection. From table and dinnerware to decorative pieces, shades of jewel toned green seamlessly blend with hand finished smooth shapes, adding a fresh Mediterranean vibe to any setting. A careful mixture of transparent glassware, ceramic, stoneware with reactive glaze and crackle glaze, each piece in this perfectly balanced series combines the finest quality with harmonious designs. So be bold and blend airy glass decorations with opaque ceramics with our newest collection with items ranging from bowls, wine glasses and tableware to vases and candlesticks. Just in time to complete your table for every cozy occasion, and bring fresh vibes to any space.

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